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4 Extreme pack
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Chassis number selection

Select your limited edition GT23 chassis number and it will be reserved for you for 7 days

Please Select Number
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  • 2 Available
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paint selection

  • Vibrant White 0
  • Rose Red 10,000
  • Platinum Grey 10,000
  • Carbon Black 10,000
  • Golden Yellow 10,000
  • Bright Racing Green 10,000
  • Sunset Orange 10,000
  • Victory Blue 10,000
  • Customise POA


  • Vibrant White 2,000
  • Rose Red 2,000
  • Platinum Grey 2,000
  • Carbon Black 2,000
  • Golden Yellow 2,000
  • Bright Racing Green 2,000
  • Sunset Orange 2,000
  • Victory Blue 2,000
  • Customise POA

Extreme pack

  • No Extreme Pack 0.00
  • Add Extreme Pack 59,995

The JRM Extreme Pack includes...

  • An additional 100bhp
  • Additional aero elements: race splitter and turning vanes
  • Sensors (aero and chassis)
  • Air jacks
  • Full FIA cage
  • Springs and ARB kit
  • Centre lock hubs and wheels
  • Race fuel fill system
  • Race harnesses
  • Race net
  • Fire extinguisher

Experience pack


  • asia experience pack POA
  • europe experience pack POA

The JRM experience Pack will include...

  • Car storage (UK or a selected Asia base)
  • Car transportation to one of the JRM Racing Experience events*
  • Support engineers and technicians to run your car
  • Hospitality
  • Optional driver coaching

In addition to this, you can talk to your GT23 VIP Account Manager about further driver coaching and simulator sessions

* Beginning in Spring 2021, the full calendar of events will be released in 2020.

No Experience Pack



If there are any further customisation details you would like to add, please detail them and the GT23 team can make those happen

No Further Customisation


Final Price380,000

+ Customisation Quote to be supplied

+ Experience Pack to be supplied


Chassis number

Chassis Number Selection

paint selection


extreme pack

experience pack



Submit your custom build to the VIP team to register your interest in a GT23 and reserve your chassis number for 7 days. Complete your details below and our team will be in touch – your chassis number will not be reserved if this is not submitted. A copy of your customised build will also be emailed to you.

All styling is subject to type approval. Delivery charges not included and will be quoted separately by your VIP Account Manager.

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Select the box to consent to a JRM GT23 VIP representative contacting you regarding your custom build. Your data will not be used for marketing purposes or shared with any third parties.


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Just to let you know

Your custom interior will be quoted by your GT23 VIP Account Manager and supplied as an additional cost. Tell us about your ideas and we'll bring them to life


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